Our Story

When I moved to Seattle I began experiencing amazing coffee.

I discovered that the #1 factor that affects the quality and taste of coffee is how fresh it is.

How long ago was it roasted?

Coffee quickly degrades. Only freshly roasted coffee is rich with antioxidants, polyphenols, and terpenes.

But even in Seattle it's hard to find freshly roasted coffee.

There are tons of options, but it's extremely rare to find the "Roasted On" date on the package. If you're lucky you might find the mysterious “Best By" date.

When I first experienced freshly roasted coffee I was blown away. 

I visited a craft roaster in Seattle and had coffee that was roasted just a few days before.

Not only did it taste ten times better, I felt better. No jitters, no energy crash, no headaches, no sinus issues. 

I became obsessed. I visited more and more local roasters so I could get fresh roasted coffee on a regular basis. The aroma, the taste, the mouthfeel. I could feel the soul of the coffee.  

I saw the light.

I’ve tried hundreds of coffees from different regions. Fresh Roast Club showcases the finest single-origin beans.